Monday, May 5, 2014

I "Got" to Go To Work Today. . .

This Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Matilda the Musical on Broadway. I have a love for New York City and musical theatre. It was absolutely phenomenal! The entire cast was fantastic and the show was just flawless. I want to see it again already! As a small town girl, I love taking trips to the city a couple times a year. I find the hustle and bustle such a welcome escape from my everyday routine. I just love it!

Like many of my visits to New York City, I come home just all wound up about my trip. Then, like most Sunday evenings, the thought, "Ugh, I have to go to work tomorrow," crossed my mind. Then I remembered something I often lose sight of. I did not "have" to go to work today, I "got" to go to work today. I've seen articles, photos, and phrases regarding this very sentiment many times but for me it got a little more personal a couple of months ago.

This past semester was a little overwhelming. I decided to enroll in three (graduate) courses instead of the recommended two. All the while I was (still am) working full time at an insurance agency. In addition, I was required to have 35 volunteer hours working with individuals with disabilities. Do not get me wrong, I love being busy. I like having things to do because when I get bored I begin to go up in my head and worry about things that do not need to be worried about. Needless to say, I was thinking for a time that I had bitten off a tad more than I could chew. One Tuesday, while volunteering, an individual said something to me that really changed my attitude regarding my semester. At the place where I volunteer in this particular Tuesday, one of the gentleman came up to me and said, "Lindsay! I am so glad to see you. Guess what? I get to go to work today!". He was elated that this day in particular was one in which he got to go to work!

Here I was, beginning the morning thinking, "Oh my goodness, there is just so much I have to do. I have no idea how I am going to get it all done", and this gentleman was so very excited about the one day a week he "got" to go to work. Perspective is such an amazing thing. I am so grateful I have countless opportunities and things I "get" to do.

Even though going to work was not as exciting as New York City and work at the office was not quite a musical, I got to go to work today! I got to wake up, drive to work, help a couple people understand their insurance policies, jam out to my new tunes in the car, come home, and eat dinner with my family. So many times I get all caught up in everything I "have" to do, I forget to remember just how blessed I am, and how many opportunities I have.