Friday, August 1, 2014

Here I Go Again.


So many feels! Mixed feels. 

When I began interviews in June, I was more nervous than anything. Now, it's almost time for school to start and I'm getting more and more anxious than nervous. Anxious in a good way. It's been a peaceful month as my summer classes ended on July 17th. 

The entire interview process is very reminiscent of the auditions I use to go on when I was younger. The difference being instead of trying to prove I can sing, act, and dance (or at least move well enough to keep up with everyone else) I am trying to prove I can teach in a special needs classroom. That I am the best candidate for the position. Back in the day if I didn't get the part, I could chalk it up to "I'm just not what they were looking for". I guess I could say the same here. Except this time I cannot say "Maybe I was too tall" or "Maybe they wanted a brunette". At least, I really really hope this would not disqualify me from a position. If so, we've got a whole other problem on our hands. 

It's been an awesome summer full of sunshine and freedom. It's as if I've been re-charging. Gearing up for what's to come. I'm ready. So ready to just jump in head first and get started in this world of teaching. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared. But it's a good scared. The kind in which it means I'm reaching for something that is going to challenge me more than I have ever been challenged before. I'm ready. I can do this.

The girl at Starbucks spelled my name right. That's got to be a good sign!

May sunbeams find you!